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Born, raised and living in Austin, TX

Portrait of Siera laughingMy passion for organizing goes back to my childhood, I always wanted my house to “look like a magazine”. I still try to acheive that but I have also learned to be more forgiving about how things may need to be to live a comfortable life and not just a “pretty” one. It’s better to have balance, considering practicality and function as much as aesthetic appearance because perfection isn’t worth sacrificing peace.

I became a Professional Organizer after years of bookkeeping (which is basically organizing numbers, right?). It brings me joy to look at a tidy room or into a tidy cabinet and I’ll probably straighten the silverware drawer while over for a dinner party (sorry, not sorry?). Because it’s a habit for me to tidy as I go through my day and I don’t even think about it most of the time. Family and friends know this about me and joke about how neat I am, in fact it’s commonly used to describe me. Maybe that's why they’ve often come to me for help and advice on organizing projects even before I became a professional organizer.

Siera with her other half, PengBesides organizing, I'm passionate about being outdoors (hiking, swimming, boating, snowboarding), sometimes being indoors (movies, acroyoga, ballroom dancing, bouldering), spending time with my loving paint/quarter horse and sharing it all with my other half and our huskorgi. Culture and diversity are also important to me. I’m blessed to have travelled around the world to see how others live (and what some live without). It’s eye opening to see that firsthand and incorporate unique ideas. I’m always interested in how people organize, how their homes are laid out and what items they might consider “must haves”.

I would love to help you achieve your vision, your goal, whether it’s to “look like a magazine”, make things more functional or anything in between. Time to create space for peace and simplicity ~ Siera

Life truly begins after you have put your house in order - Marie Kondo

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