Why Hire a Professional Organizer

by Siera Lovett, Sep 11.

1. Perspective. Get unstuck with a professional who isn’t attached to the way things are, helping you see your home as others do, offering new advice and solutions for your unique space. 2. Experience. They’ve done this a thousand times. Seen other homes, situations, lifestyles and incorporated many methods of organizing. Creating systems and solutions […]

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General Kitchen Guidelines

by Siera Lovett, Sep 9.

I like to say Anyone should find what they’re looking for in one or two tries, that’s when you have a functionally organized kitchen. It may go without saying but things should ideally be kept together if used for the same or like purpose. Likewise, if it’s commonly used in a certain area of the […]

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Two Reasons Why You Hold Onto Things

by Siera Lovett, Aug 7.

Have you ever ambitiously started spring cleaning only to get discouraged as you hesitate over everything you’re trying to get rid of? Don’t fall into the “it’s easier to just keep everything” trap. Let me address the two most common thoughts/fears that drive hesitation and cause you to hold onto things. 1. I Might Need […]

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The Organized Pantry

by Siera Lovett, Aug 3.

Less Labels It can be unpleasant to open the doors, immediately having a wide assortment of colors and words glaring at you, all begging for your attention. Subconsciously this can be overwhelming. Opt to use clear glass or plastic containers for as many items as possible, holding anything from opened snacks to pantry staples like […]

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Bathroom Organization 102 – Storage

by Siera Lovett, Jul 27.

Ideas to spark inspiration, from my home to yours I keep our Waterpik plugged in and electric toothbrushes out by the sink for convenience because we brush twice a day. I do put them away when guests come over, leaving out our refillable hand soap pump and a decorative stone candle holder that matches the […]

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Bathroom Organization 101 – Minimizing

by Siera Lovett, Jul 24.

Every bathroom I seem to walk into tends to have a lot of product out, often making it look messy or making cleaning a hassle (and bathrooms are the easiest place to feel dirty). If products are put away off the counters, tub sides, and floors it will give a clean feeling and be easier […]

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