No set packages puts you in control, It’s the freedom to make it what you want
A hand reaching for shirts in a closet

My Method

I like to get EVERYTHING out of the unorganized space.
If necessary, this is a fantastic time to give the space a quick deep cleaning while it’s bare.
Every item should then be evaluated because decluttering is the most significant part of organizing.
Putting your cherished and practical items back with new systems in place, giving them a clean home in an organized space they deserve.
After finishing each session I will take any items you've chosen to re-home to a local charity or organization to donate, leaving you with more room to breath and one less thing to do!

  • Phone Consultation | 20 min – Free
  • Virtual or Home Consultation | 60 min – $59
  • We Can Do It Sessions | Hourly Rate - $65
  • I Can Do It Services | Hourly Rate - $75
  • You Can Do It Virtual Sessions | 30 min - $39 | 60 min – $65
  • Over 3+ hours drop $5 off the hourly rate starting with the 4+ hour

We Can Do It Sessions
Organizing/tidying by category is extremely effective, all too often we have the same type of item all around the house not even aware of how much we really have because we don’t see it together in one place. That’s why as much as possible I like to keep things of the same kind stored together and evaluated together so we never doubt where it goes or how much we have. When we work on individual projects, I like to address this, but we will ultimately be dealing with the space of your concern.

I Can Do It Services
After you have done the discard step, I will come in and organize for you. Following my method I will clean the space we’re working with before putting things back.

You Can Do It Sessions
Virtually building your organizational skills so that can be applied to any project in the future while accomplishing a specific goal now. After reviewing the project space, I can help make a clear plan and give ideas for your unique space. Following a virtual session you’ll have access to reach out for support, encouragement or suggestions.
60 min sessions: up to 60min of my time after the call, say three 20 min follow ups.
30 min sessions: up to 30 min after the call, say two 15 min follow ups.

There’s no better time to evaluate if you love/need everything you have than when you move. You already have to pick up each item to pack so let’s take that opportunity to de-clutter and make your new home a fresh start filled only by the things that make you happy. I’ll help you downsize and take unwanted things away. If you’d like I can also help you pack your wanted items.

The best time to organize! With a blank slate we can find a functional home for all the items that made the YES list. I’ll help you get everything out and put away. Like my other sessions, I’ll take the unwanted packing materials away when we’re finished.

Why discarding is so important

If you are surrounded by things that don’t make you happy, you probably won’t be content. I realized I’d rather do something else than spend the day picking up things I don’t actually care about.
Having too much will likely make it still “feel” untidy. I realized this when our closets and cabinets though organized, were really too full. You organize most effectively with what you NEED, not always everything you have.
To put this into practice I have an ongoing donation pile. When I buy something that works better or makes me happier than a similar item in the house: Out it goes! To be loved by a new home and to declutter mine.
Local organizations such as thrift stores support good causes and help local communities thrive, with your purchases and donations you can feel great about letting go of items that didn't make a YES to the questions we’ll ask. Sending them off to be rehomed as "...another man's treasure."

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